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prashant dhanvijay
prashant dhanvijay [ Male, 35, Nagpur ]
Assistant Professor
1 Year and 1 Month
MBBS - K D Medical College, Mathura
Sumit Verma
Sumit Verma [ Male, 37, Mumbai ]
No Experience
Skills: MRI Xray ct USG
Ashish Shilwant
Ashish Shilwant [ Male, 35, Mumbai ]
No Experience
Skills: MRI ct USG vascular
Sumit Bichpuria
Sumit Bichpuria [ Male, 37, Raipur ]
No Experience
MS / General Surgery - Raipur, Raipur
Harisha V
Harisha V [ Male, 38, Bengaluru ]
Job Title
7 Years
MS / General Surgery - Gmc, Nagpur
Skills: USG ct MRI
Dr Dilip Pawar
Dr Dilip Pawar [ Male, 30, Mumbai ]
No Experience
MD / Radiodiagnosis - Mumbai, Mumbai
Dr Vijay Bajirao Borse
Dr Vijay Bajirao Borse [ Male, 36, Dhule ]
No Experience
Skills: Xray USG MRI ct
Manjul Jain
Manjul Jain [ Female, 39, Delhi ]
No Experience
Shivkumar Mandge
Shivkumar Mandge [ Male, 34, Hyderabad ]
No Experience
Vijay Goyal
Vijay Goyal [ Male, 35, Noida ]
No Experience
Skills: USG ct MRI
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